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This blog will give me a place to talk more about life with my illnesses, and about anything else that catches my interest. As a cardiovascular and gastro patient working full-time, my hope is to bring more awareness to the types of chronic illness, and the daily struggles they bring. I also plan to write about general topics which strike my attention or different projects I’ve taken up. I recently recieved my bachelor’s in Integrative Studies in Biology, Mathematics, and Chemistry. I live with my boyfriend and our cat, Yuri.

Disclaimer: My posts and all other associated social media (lock stock and spoonies brand or my personal sites) do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer. These are made by me as a separate entity and not in any way tied to my job or employer. Any mention of my experiences at or during my time at my current job are my own personal opinion and do not necessarily reflect the actual workplace, associates, management, or corporation. [I’m writing this on my own, I wasn’t asked to by my employer. I love my job and the culture and atmosphere are something I’ve been searching for. I don’t want to lose my job because of something I wrote or said absent-mindedly on my social media sites. I will never say where I work for this reason but if that info were to leak this is important].