Updates, a Garden, and Feeling Overwhelmed

I know I haven’t done much lately on any of my accounts. I’d like to change that.

Some updates: I’ve been working on getting us fully settled in to our new home, as well as working full time, and dealing with some personal things. We have a garden now which has been exciting and I wish I had documented it more. We have moss currently but on the sunnier half we’ll be switching to Red Creeping Thyme as soon as the seeds come in. It’s a risk planting so late in the year but I’m too excited to wait.

My plan going forward: I’d like to get back to writing once a week, but I am going to focus on my progress with some hobbies and goals. I’ll be switching back to my “finish one project at a time” method and hopefully that might facilitate some content.

Here’s hoping I don’t lose momentum!! Sometimes I just can’t find the spoons… and living in America is making life difficult lately. I won’t be commenting on our current political and medical climate because frankly it is a lot for me to process. I have strong opinions and feelings about safety and unfortunately that’s been making me feel more and more drained.

Until next time, I hope everyone is staying safe and doing their best!